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The Yahoo and Bing Alliance

Last night was the second round of meetings with our Yahoo Search Marketing rep. So far so good. Unlike the first session, the one last night was very informative and encouraging. While the first one were just questions after questions and “let’s see what we can get” answers, the second one where straight forward answers.

Below are the highlights of the meeting:

Q - Will we be able to have separate campaigns, one for Yahoo and another one for Bing?
A - No. It will be a unified campaign. There’s no way of doing that right now and in the near future.

Q - One of our main concerns is taking control of the Yahoo Search/Syndication Partners. They are a very different type of audience compared to those coming from Yahoo search. Can we build a separate campaign for the YSP?
A - Yes, certainly. There would still be 2 networks, search and content/display.

A couple of months ago, our rep sent us a powerpoint slide explaining the “alliance” process. This triggered questions more than answering some. After last night’s meeting, our team now has a clearer vision of where to go come 1st week of September.

Yahoo on How Internet Activity Can Predict Event Outcomes

Here’s a very interesting post regarding A yahoo patent, discussing about predicting event outcomes based on search patterns.

Yahoo on How Internet Activity Can Predict Event Outcomes.

If this gets through and Yahoo does this perfectly, they will then live up to their name, “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.”

Google Still on Top of the Race – comScore Reports

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a study on growth in the global search market in 2009. The study revealed that the U.S. remains the largest search market worldwide, while Google Sites retains a commanding position in the global search market.

comScore Reports Global Search Market Growth of 46 Percent in 2009