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New Tools in Google Display Network

According to the Google Adwords official blog, they launched two new tools. The Display Campaign Optimizer and the Contextual Targeting Tool. These new tools are to help advertisers get more out of their display network advertisements.

The Display Campaign Optimizer helps in managing the targeting and bidding in the display network campaigns. To use the Display Campaign Optimizer though, your campaign needs to have Conversion Optimizer set up and Target CPA bidding enabled. As of the moment though, DCO is only available to a small group of qualified advertisers, but it will become available to more advertisers over the coming months.

Just like the DCO, the Contextual Targeting Tool is only available to a select few advertisers but will also be available to all advertisers in the coming months. This toll helps advertisers build a tightly themed keyword list for the Display Network campaigns. This tool makes the campaign more effective, while assisting the advertisers to do job of segmenting easier.

Google Adwords Bid Simulator

About a year ago, Google Adwords released a feature that allows advertisers to see how different keyword-level bids could impact the advertising results. Like most of the other Adwords feature, figures are just estimates, but it helps advertisers to gauge the “would be” performance of a keyword if they bid on a certain level.

Late last week they added a new dimension into this feature. Bid simulator now has “Estimated Top Impressions“. This metric which shows the advertisers how many times an ad appeared above the search results in the past seven days and how this metric could have changed had they used different keyword level maximum CPC bids.

Google Adwords Bid Simulator

image taken from the Inside Adwords blog

Google Adwords implicitly says this though. “Note that past performance does not guarantee future results, and simulations will only be provided if there is enough traffic on a given keyword to conduct a meaningful analysis”.

This additional feature when used the right way though, could surely help in optimizing keyword bids.

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PPC Campaign Management

I have been doing PPC Campaign Management for 4 years now. I’ve seen the ups and downs in the PPC industry, as well as met the good, the bad, and the ugly in the PPC world, online. I’m also following a handful of PPC blogs and articles, religiously reading them daily, educating myself everyday, learning the best practices in my profession.

I have the privilege, yes I call it a privilege, of managing accounts ranging from $1,000 to $500,000 per month, from small business accounts to the big corporate ones. From health products, to online gambling, to book publishing, and more business niches. I have campaigns running on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft Adcenter, Facebook, Adknowledge, Clicksor, Miva, and many more.

Yet I still feel there’s a lot more to learn. Everyday, the playing field changes. What’s applicable and going great today, may not work for the clients tomorrow. Every day is a brand new challenge. Companies merge, businesses acquired by other businesses, these things makes things more complicated especially in the search engine marketing field.

But this is my passion. I thrive in these daily challenges and I’m always looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

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