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Top 3 Tried and True Traffic Tips

TrafficSEO is fundamental to a successful website, but there’s more to attracting fans and followers than the backend. Website traffic starts with building a base of loyal readers that may even become your friends. With a larger website community, the more the word spreads and the more your website will grow. Consider these three unfailing tips on website traffic generation.

  • Establish a wide network.

Connect more deeply with every single person that you meet or with whom you may share a similar interest, especially those that seek you out or interact with you. Someone likes your fan page, leaves a comment on your website, responds to a comment you left on their website or is part of the same close-knit online group? Try to find the person on different social media platforms and send a request to connect. It’s important to keep your profile photo and profile description relatively consistent, so people will recognize you.

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Leveraging Social Media Links to Drive Traffic

With the new Google face that came up a few days ago, Social Media found it’s better place in the SERPs. Together with news and blogs, Google is now considering Social Media updates as important factors in the search playground.

Now, how can we make use of this new development? Here’s a very good article that covers that area.

Leveraging Social Media Links to Drive Traffic Part 2 | LunaMetrics.

Cebu Bloggers Networking Event

Once more, Digital Filipino and PAGCOR are bringing up together the bloggers og Cebu. Agenda for the said event is as follows:

Of course I will be there tonight, hopefully meeting new friends and prospective business partners. :) I will be posting updates about the event on the next day.