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Google Adwords Enhanced Campaign – Few Weeks After

Google Adwords Enhanced CampaignWhen Google Adwords announced Enhanced Campaigns, there were mixed emotions coming from practitioners in the search marketing industry. The biggest would be the unification of Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile campaigns.

I for one, usually build my campaigns that way, having a separate campaign for each of the devices I mentioned. The reason is that audiences using these devices have different characteristics, different cost per click, and varying conversion rates based on some factors. Way before the roll out date (July 22), I already switched my campaigns to Enhanced to at least feel the beat already before I’m forced to do it.

The Cons of Enhanced Campaign

True to everybody’s complaints, I’m no longer able to separate campaigns by device. Everything now runs in a single campaign. Although I’m able to control bidding for mobile, it’s no longer possible for tablets. Same goes with the ability of assigning mobile-centric landing pages to mobile campaigns. It’s either you send all traffic to the same landing page, or, create landing pages using the responsive design technology. Continue reading

How to Track Adwords Placements with Google Analytics

Knowing where your ads appear in Gogle Adwords’ Display Network is a must. No matter how targeted your keywords are, your ads may still appear on non-relevant made-for-adsense sites. The problem is, the placement reports are updated in the Adwords interface after 48 hours then you get a complete list of referring sites or placements. Most of the times, this is a little too late. You might have incurred spend on unqualified clicks already.

So what should you do?

First – Connect your Adwords account to your Google Analytics account.  On the “Tools and Analysis” tab in Adwords, click on “Google Analytics”. Once you’re in Google Analytics interface, select the account you want to connect to Adwords, click on Admin then click on “Data Source”. You will now see the Adwords account to connect to. You need to have administrative access to both accounts in order to do this. Continue reading